There are so many reasons we might find ourselves taking the brave and vulnerable step to seek out counseling. While our world often sends the message that everyone else has it figured out, I’ve found that navigating the emotional landscape of this life is painful and confusing for most of us.

There will be times when we have unexpected obstacles, find ourselves feeling stuck and directionless, or just completely overwhelmed and worn down by the difficulty of our path.

In these times we need someone to come alongside us and acknowledge the challenges we face in a way that others can’t so easily do. We need someone to help us see through the fog to gain insight. We need someone to tend to the wounds we sustained along the way, while helping us navigate a way forward.

You don’t have to walk this path alone. When you are ready, I will be honored to come alongside you and support you in your journey toward healing.

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Every counselor is unique. Find out about my approach to healing.

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Why "cresset counseling?" 

A cresset is a beacon in the dark. A light for your path.

Light has been a longstanding symbol for insight, hope, and healing.

These are the things I wish for you in our sessions.


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