Individual Counseling


At some point in life, we all need to reach out for help. Whether we find ourselves repeating old patterns, struggling to create the life and relationships we want for ourselves, or overwhelmed by our emotional pain, there comes a time when we realize we need extra support. You may have tried turning to others for help, but felt they didn’t quite get it. Or maybe you just need a safe place to work through the struggles life has brought your way.

I aim to create a space where you feel truly heard and seen—a space where you can show up just as you are, with all of your strengths and struggles, and be met with empathy and understanding. I will sit with you in those dark, confusing places, and I will celebrate with you on your mountain tops. I will help you make space for your pain—your fear, grief, shame, anxiety, doubt, confusion—knowing that, as we do this, it will inevitably evolve into a gateway for healing and growth.

I will also help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and the roots of your struggles. Through this, you will learn new ways of relating to yourself, your experiences, and to the people around you. And when you are ready, I will support you in making the changes you wish to make.

This is your journey and I will follow your lead along the way.

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